Have you ever thought of going for total body cardio? Certain cardio exercises stress specifically on certain parts of the body. Total body cardio, will you total workout within a few minutes in case you are too busy. I go for this plan, especially because I fail to devote more than 20-30 minutes for work-outs, every morning. This is really effective for complete toning and flexibility of all the parts of the body.

Burning more within less time

Why I specifically go for this workout, is because I can lose up to 200 calories, by simply devoting 20 minutes to total body cardio. The various elements of this session include jump rope, squat thrust, kettle bell swing, mountain climber, tire run, burpee spikes, small sprints and shadow boxing.

The areas that this Cardio stresses on

The exercises help in burning fat very quickly and also tone up all the muscles in the legs, arms, chest and abs. Therefore, you will feel a lot fit and firm, by the end of the session. For a busy day, this will be the ideal workout to go for. It takes less time and makes you do more and lose more. Try to change the sequence of the exercises and make it interesting every day.

Cardio exercises are very beneficial for every part of the body. They help in losing calories immensely while toning your muscles and improving flexibility. But, there are also certain things which we should all know before going into that zone. I would share a little experience here. Initially when I started Cardio, I was so overwhelmed by the idea of losing 300-400 calories in 30 minutes, that I intensified by cardio. I tried harder with running and walking and cycling, which showed its negative impacts too. My muscles started aching tremendously and I remained so fatigued that I couldn’t work-out for the next two days. This is when I learnt to never over-do on these exercises. I read an article by a gym instructor who said that a cardio session should comprise of 10 minutes of high intensity cardio and 20 minutes of low intensity cardio. Overdoing it can bring injuries, bone aches and low metabolism, which is really bad.

Enjoying your cardio sessions

I completely believe in enjoying a work-out session. If a person does not enjoy doing the exercises, he will not put in as much effort and this will thus not have any major impact on his/her body. So, try something which you will enjoy doing and not get bored off after a while. Belly dancing is a great cardio. You can try sensuous moves with your body and exercises your belly and hips. Thus, they will stay in shape and you will enjoy the sweat-it-out schedule.

Getting into power yoga

An interesting cardio session would be power yoga. A lot of people, who know the postures and the various cardiovascular exercises, train their bodies through power yoga. It helps strengthening the abdomen and muscles. Also, it helps in increasing stamina, concentration, endurance and relieves your body and mind, of all stress.

There can be no better weight loss exercises than Cardio training. The best part about these exercises is that they not only help melt away your fat but also takes care of your entire body’s blood circulation. Those who are into a lot of cardio can easily avoid stress and heart damages. Recommended for every person young and old, cardio exercises are in fact the easiest ones too.

Cardio exercise I love

Cardio exercises are the first thing one should start their exercise routine with. It gets you all charged up for the next set of exercises. People hitting the gym, generally step on treadmill have a good 10 minutes cardio, before they go for strenuous exercises. Apart from running, aerobics make my cardio routine. Both dance aerobics and step aerobics are the best way of enjoying your cardio. I generally put on some great music and put all my energy in the first 10 minutes. Then, I pace down in the next 15 minutes. They make a great work-out routine especially because they help in toning the hips, legs and fights belly fat. Aerobics are light and fun and can be dried by both young and middle-aged people.

Kick your flab out!

It can be a bit too rigorous, but those people who are into kick-boxing, are able to fight flab faster. Toned, hips, legs and arms are guaranteed with this cardio. The more you strain and sweat the better will your body shape up. Kickboxing helps in improving flexibility and you will stay more agile, while on ground. If you are interested, then try enrolling in kick-boxing classes or simply purchase a fitness DVD that teaches kickboxing. You will surely be kicking out a lot of fat and tone up your muscles. In the process, you will also be managing some self-defense skills.

There is nothing like burning a large amount of calories daily. Cardio are a set of exercises which helps you in getting your heat in the right heart rate zone. Such exercises improve blood circulation by enabling the heart to pump blood at a faster rate in all parts of your body. Improved breathing helps in the lungs working faster. There are a couple of exercises which count under Cardio exercises.

The benefits of these exercises

When I started working out, I naturally did my running, without having any idea about its affectivity. Running is a superb cardio exercise and has tremendous benefits. After following the write-outs of several physicians and physiotherapists, I understood that this form of exercise had a huge range of benefits. By doing cardio regularly, heart function improves, reducing chances of heart damage. Besides that, there is improvement in blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels. The risk of osteoporosis decreases and muscle mass increases.

Exercises that fall under Cardio

Running is considered the best and the easiest form of Cardio, because it does not require any equipment. I try to run every morning and quickly run up and down the stairs. Climbing stairs or even hills, makes your cardio even better. Running helps burn unimaginable amount of calories and you will be melting away all the excess fat, while making your muscles strong. Other exercises activities which fall under Cardio include walking, jogging, swimming, rowing, biking, and cross-training, etc. I had been advised by my gym instructor to continue with cardio for 20-30 minutes. It is very useful, as it helps the heart lose fat and gain muscle. These exercises can help you have slimmer stomach and killer quads.

Counting the heart rate

If you are gymming then probably your instructor will help you know about the impact of your cardio on your body. I would share the trick I have learnt. Since, all you need to do is check your increasing heart rate, take pulse for six seconds, while you are halfway into your cardio. Whatever is the count, simply add a zero to it and that would be your heart rate. It is simple and will help you know how fast your heart is working. Cardio exercises are a must. It has to become a habit for you, just as it is a habit for me. I cannot imagine starting by workout schedule, without some good cardio training.

height="250" align="left">Cardio exercises can be fun and highly energetic, if you know the correct way to do them. Often we practice a lot of different things, in wrong postures. These wrong techniques, stop us from losing considerable weight, and often hurt various parts of our body. Therefore, it is advisable to get your postures and techniques right, before you make them a habit.

A common mistake people make

Though I am not a gym junkie, I used to hit the gym on a regular basis during my college days. After an initial few days, my gym instructor pointed out my posture on the stationery bike, which was incorrect. The seat position was not perfect, according to my height. I would work my legs out every day, and my knees would hurt terribly too. The problem was that I fixed the seats too low. This resulted in stresses my knees and legs. So, by following the instructors given by my instructor, I adjusted the seat in the right position, so that my legs would stretch till the end of the pedal and bend correctly. This is in fact, a problem that many of us face. You must make sure that the seat is neither too high nor too low.

Relax in between

Circuit training is good. But, if you wish to do Cardio in order to get a fitter body and do not care about having the celebrity body, then do take rest in between. If you are on the stationery bike, go for 5 minutes of intense cycling and then take a 2 minutes rest. Then again take your former speed. Try to alter between standing up and sitting. Changing the dimension, offers greater impact; this will make the session, worthwhile. Do the same in case of the other cardio exercises too.